Weight Loss

Weight loss enables you to be more healthy and prevents the development of long-term illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. Being overweight can also cause difficulty breathing and trigger back pain, which may stop you from performing daily activities and enjoying a healthy sexual relationship. Weight loss can be achieved through various diet plans, exercise regimes and fitness programmes. Weight loss pills such as Xenical can also be used to supplement these changes so that you can achieve your weight loss goal faster.

Am I overweight?

Calculating your BMI (body mass index) is an accurate way to see whether you are at a healthy weight for your height and sex or whether you require weight loss treatment. A BMI of 18.5 to 25 is healthy; anything over 25 is classified as overweight. To find out your BMI you can use a chart online or arrange an appointment with your doctor.

A healthy approach to weight loss

Weight loss is a steady process which requires subtle lifestyle changes instead of drastic measures. Neither crash diets nor sporadic bouts of exercise can offer long-term results, which is why just a month at the gym or a week away from fatty foods may not give you the positive results you desire. Diets that severely restrict calories or the types of food 'allowed' can lead you to be deficient in the nutrients and vitamins that your body needs.

Energy and weight loss

Put simply, weight loss happens when more calories are burnt off than consumed. Your body uses food for energy and stores any excess energy as fat. So if you eat more food than your body needs for daily activities and cell maintenance, you are likely to experience weight gain, usually on the stomach and lower body.

Starting a weight loss plan

Speak with your doctor or a nutritionist who can advise you on the best actions to take in order to improve your condition. They may recommend reducing the size of your meals and eating fewer amounts of foods which are high in calories such as sweets, chocolate and fizzy drinks. By consuming less fat you stand a better chance of losing weight in the long term.

The second suggestion a specialist will make is to do more physical activity. This doesn't mean that you should take up hardcore training at the gym or put yourself in a situation that may cause pain or injury. Simply walking a mile each day, choosing the stair over the lift or making good use of the outdoors can encourage weight loss faster than you may think.

Slimming pills and prescription medication

Slimming pills such as Xenical Orlistat can be bought on prescription, and are clinically proven to aid weight loss in people who have a body mass index of 30 or above. Over the counter pills include appetite suppressants, fat blockers and various fat burners. These herbal medications can be bought without a prescription however, they may not produce the same desired effects as genuine Xenical, and may only work for a small number of people.

Follow the link below to buy Xenical tablets from an online clinic. Once a doctor prescribes you the medication after evaluating your overweight or obese condition, you will receive the medication within just 24 hours.

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